Cross-country, Cyclocross

Discover our mtb cross-country and cyclocross pedals range. 

  1. Limited edition



    The ATAC XC ABSALON features the lightness of a carbon body and the durability of a hollow, chrome oversized steel axle.

  3. ATAC XC World Champion

    ATAC XC World Champion

    The ATAC XC World Champion replica model.

  1. XC

  2. ATAC XC 6

    ATAC XC 6

    The ATAC XC 6 is made for XC mountain bike riders and gravel cyclists.
  3. ATAC XC2

    ATAC XC2

    Made for cross country MTB riders, the ATAC XC 2 pedal features the easy engagement and self-cleaning design of the ATAC system (TIME patent) and the durability of MIM (metal in mold) arches and a steel axle, all at an affordable price.
  4. ATAC XC4

    ATAC XC4

    The ATAC XC 4 pedal is designed for cross country mountain bike riders.

  5. ATAC XC8

    ATAC XC8

    The ATAC XC ABSALON is the pedal preferred by competitive cyclocross, mountain bike riders and gravel road riders.
  6. ATAC XC12

    ATAC XC12

    The ATAC XC 12 is the pedal of choice of our elite cyclocross and mountain bike riders.